Looking for review on my football site.

Hi everyone.
I have just finished the website for my new fans club, I am based in Australia and I have had many people asking if there is a good website where you can get all info and communication for football fans.
Here in Australia we have a lot of Manchester United followers, so I thought ok lets contact Manu in the UK and ask if I can open a website with Manu fan club and they have endorsed the idea, so I created a club name called The Devils and we use the term Man United Fans Club.

So could I please, have an honest review of my site, and any criticism and ideas will be most welcome as I am trying to make this one of the best and easy website for the fans.

Anyone is welcome, and to be members (Fans) is totally free.

The Devils – Man United Fans Club (munitedfc.com)

Thank you.