looking for a script – What content management system (CMS) / wiki should I use?

Frequently asked questions from webmasters describe the nature of the acceptable questions for this site: the search for available solutions and the provision of anecdotal advice are beyond the purpose of this StackExchange site, so this type of question would be more appropriate to chat or another discussion forum.

That said, there is a variety of free and open source content management systems, as well as licensed software and paid services, that can fulfill your requirements.

Some of the most popular content management systems include:

  • WordPress (PHP, free and open source) – a blogging platform that has expanded to include many other features – See the WordPress exchange if you have any questions.
  • Joomla (PHP, free and open source).
  • Drupal (PHP, free and open source) – Check the drupal stackexchange if you have any questions.
  • DotNetNuke (ASP, property or open source and free option)
  • MediaWiki (PHP, free and open source) – the software that drives Wikipedia
  • Umbraco (MVC.NET, open source)
  • DokuWiki (PHP, free and open source) – a simple but powerful wiki software
  • Typo3 (PHP, Open Source (GPL)): powerful for medium and large projects

All of the content management systems mentioned above are based on the concept of add-ons that extend the functionality of the application: there are many add-ons, with new add-ons created every day.

Sites like The CMS Matrix and WikiMatrix can help you compare the CMS (but they are best suited to look for combinations of very specific requirements).

If you have researched content management systems and add-ons available but can not find anything that meets your needs, you should consult a developer who can develop something according to your specifications, either as a complement to an existing content management system or as a stand . -Application alone.