local seo – SEO hreflang multiple domain in the same language

I am always a little confused about hreflang and domain. I have the following in mind.

Current situation:
examp.eu (english) hreflang="en"
examp.be (dutch) hreflang="nl-be" hreflang="nl-nl"

Now I bought examp.nl
Should I redirect examp.nl to examp.be or divide the site? Note NL and BE are Dutch and will be identical or almost identical.

So the result would be:  
examp.eu (english)
examp.nl (dutch) hreflang="nl-nl"
examp.be (dutch) hreflang="nl-be"

My .be, which is the most important, will suffer duplicate content in .nl and .be. Or are they separated because the .nl .be

And should I set the canonical to .be or don't I care about the canonical for that?

Thanks in advance!