linux – The sound card works with ALSA, but it is not displayed in the volume mixer

After a system update I noticed that it had no sound. In the volume mixer I see that my integrated sound card is not shown, while another (HDMI) is.

I managed to find that the name of the device is CARD = MEDIUM using aplay -L and in fact I can hear the sound when I do this:

$ for dev in `aplay -L | grep "CARD = MID" `; click -D $ dev /usr/share/sounds/alsa/Front_Right.wav 2> / dev / null && echo $ dev; fact
default: CARD = MID
sysdefault: CARD = MID

I can also hear the sound with speaker test, without any argument.

In Alsamixer the card is also displayed, it appears as the default (HDA Intel MID), and I can adjust the volume from there when I play sound with a work or speaker test.

For the sound card to work in the system, I stopped pressing audio and deleted the local configuration files in ~ / .config / press /, but nothing changed when restarting.

I think the system update might have left some sound configuration in a broken state, but I do not know where to look.