linux – Shared storage for KVM server cluster?

I have Dell EMC SCv3020 Storage Array and I want to create shared storage for all 3 physical servers to use the same (LVM?) for creating KVM VMs in cluster so if 1 server dies, we can move VM to another one. We have solution for HA failover but we are not sure how to do this shared storage setup.

Should we setup simple NFS on virtual machines and share? If yes, which filesystem will be on NFS, and should we make LVM on it? Does filesystem need to be cluster aware so there is no data corruption because all servers are accessing same storage?

We also have VMware on this infrastructure using Dell storage array and production VMs on it so is it possible maybe to use VMFS Vmware datastore to create Virtual machines on which we will setup this shared storage on all 3 new physical servers for deploying KVM VMs all servers on same shared storage?