linux – How to list (and retry) failed mounts with systemd

I have some mount points that failed loading due to missing dependencies (an underlying file system had not yet been decrypted). A state of systemctl shows the following:

root @ mymachine: / sharedfolders # systemctl status / sharedfolders / Multimedia
● sharedfolders-Multimedia.mount - Mount shared folder Multimedia in / sharedfolders / Multimedia
Loaded: loaded (/etc/systemd/system/sharedfolders-Multimedia.mount; enabled; vendor default: enabled)
Active: inactive (dead)
Where: / sharedfolders / Multimedia
What: / srv / dev-disk-by-label-data / Multimedia

July 9 19:13:58 mymachine systemd[1]: The dependency failed to mount the shared Multimedia folder in / sharedfolders / Multimedia.
July 9 19:13:58 mymachine systemd[1]: sharedfolders-Multimedia.mount: work sharedfolders-Multimedia.mount / start failed with the result & # 39; dependency & # 39;

There's a systemctl command that lists those failed assembly attempts and, ideally, retry them all?

I tried systemctl - failed But I did not see those mounts on the list.
All the other commands that I have found so far need you to specify the mount point, which is precisely what I really want to know about the system in the first place.

Extra question: Is there a systematic way to activate those retries automatically? I mean that the dependency is clearly documented in the assembly unit and the assembly of the dependency (which is then decrypted) is also done through systemd, so I COULD know to try again those dependent assemblies.