linux – Executing single shell script parallelly at same time with different arguments

Consider a script lets say which accepts file no as argument which process huge files based on argument. So whenever I am executing it as “nohup ./ 01 &” it does the job, I have requirement where same needs to be executed parallelly for 8 files and I am able to achieve that with different arguments.

Following are my major queries on same:

  1. Whenever I am executing same script parallelly with different arguments are their any chances that one instance may alter another instance variables as I am using only one copy of script ?
  2. If no then how is this avoided or done, what avoids this conflict ?

Any reference to read on the same of brief explanation would be really helpful, thanks!!

Note: I have tried this approach & have observed no conflicts till date just want to know the reason behind the same as I am not able to find any reference for the same.