Linken Sphere – new generation anti-detection browser.

Greetings, friends!

We want to draw your attention to the update of Linken Sphere v7.81 Infinia. In this update, based on the requests and requests of users, we made a series of important improvements that allowed us to improve usability, stability and browser quality. We hope that the work done is to your liking and that the interaction with the program is more convenient and productive.

By working with weak computers or remote servers, users could find themselves with a lack of resources to use the integrated graphics engine SphereGL (their own customizable WebGL counterpart), which made it impossible to work with a large number of tabs and could lead to The termination of the browser. To work with many sites, there is still a previous version of WebGL without the ability to directly draw the image, while the previous engine type significantly reduces the resources spent, allowing you to work with a large number of tabs, regardless of performance of the computer.

Now you can choose which type of WebGL fingerprint you want to use, with the representation of images and the closest proximity to the real user, or a simpler and older version without representation, but with better performance:


The browsers are updated. If you work with the account for a long time using a certain configuration, your UserAgent may become irrelevant and there is a demand to update the service to a newer version of the browser that is typical of a common user. Previously, when changing the agent in configuration settings, there were a number of related changes that did not allow you to make changes to the line with the retention of other attributes.

Now you can change the UserAgent value as needed, without affecting other configuration parameters. In this way, you can update the browser title version as necessary, without causing suspicion:


A large number of users who regularly work on the Web to speed up the work of using hotkeys. We have heard many requests to implement and organize hotkeys in the browser. Despite the apparent simplicity of this solution, the characteristics of the engine and the development process made this task resource intensive enough for the developer. However, we have made the necessary efforts to ensure that the process of working with most of the basic functions is faster and more enjoyable.

Now you have several duplicate hot keys in the shortcut menu:


For users who work with a large number of accounts and saved sessions, it is important to quickly return to work after the next browser opening. The opening of a large number of sessions, in turn, significantly delayed the continuation of the work after the opening of the program and was quite inconvenient. We reviewed the need for a more comfortable interaction with the session administrator to improve usability.

Now you can open the required sessions in bulk, checking with the unwanted files in the Session Manager -> open selected (open in turn, similar to opening closed tabs after reboot):


The appearance of the optional left menu to quickly access the active sessions in an isolated work environment for each of its tabs was undoubtedly enjoyed by most users. But we understand perfectly that we, as developers, always have something to strive for to further improve the quality of the product, so, as promised, we continue to refine the menu so that working with it is even more comfortable.

Now you can organize the sessions that exist through the simple and convenient method of drugging and drugging, simply pull the necessary session wherever you want:


In addition, a new interesting detective was explored, based on the creation of a hidden window with the match of width / height of the client with the width / internal height. This type of browser impersonation definition already exists in several sites that specialize in the sale of digital products and is likely to be distributed in security systems.

This update must be installed by downloading the operating system installer from our site.

In this version there are a series of changes related to the correct functioning of cookies, which were necessary due to international innovations in the approach of the privacy policy on the Web and related changes in the technical implementation of their records.

The changes made in this version will significantly improve the stability of the browser with cookies purchased and downloaded when working with a variety of resources.

Attention! In this version of the Mac the installer is not presented, but the file to execute. If there is a version installed, do not delete it, but replace the file in the folder with the program. Those who put the first time, you can simply run the file that you get from the file.

We recommend reading the information on the site, the Documentation and FAQ sections, and also adding them to the telegram groups @spherechateng, @spherechatflood and subscribing to the main channel with @devtenebriseng updates.

And, as usual, you can get a one-week trial for $ 30 US by registering here with promotion code LS_F764C79R1M8V, followed by a 5% discount for a subsequent subscription.

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