Link to Outlook: Protocol in Views

On my website, I am creating a dynamic external link to open the email from Outlook using perspective: {entry ID} link. It should be like

perspective: 000000006CD8BD6F1761654D9AD70F841783C591070062F134BA8C073B4296C8467090C20CF200000089D837000010EBA743D9305C4891225FE3E347AE1800003B82DF8400

I tried to use:

  1. "Rewrite the output of this field": open perspective


  1. Show this field as a link, with the link route: panorama:[guid] with the options: "Use absolute path" and "External server URL" enabled.

The problem is that it does not matter what you use in the rewrite of the Views field, the anchor href panorama: Replaced with http: // localhost / or http: // localhost: 8080 / pms / outlook% 3A

What do I need to do to generate the link correctly in format panorama:[guid]?