libreoffice – Shortcuts to promote / demote header levels

From the LO wiki:

  • Tab: The heading in "X Header" format (X = 1-9) moves down one level in the scheme.
  • Shift + Tab: the title in the format "Title X" (X = 2-10) moves up one level in the scheme.

However, it does not work for me (Win7, LO When I click on Tab (or Shift + Tab or Ctrl + Tab or Alt + Tab or Ctrl + Shift + Tab and so on), the header level does not change.

I tried it in text and in Navigator. It doesn't work either.

I know that in Microsoft Word you can click on the header and then change its level with Ctrl + Alt + Left / Right. This feature looks the same, but it doesn't work, or I just don't understand something.

Is there any way to make it work?