Liberals care about people and conservatives worry about money, right?

can not be generalized There are exceptions to the rules. There are many people who are not pure conservatives or liberals. I am liberal, but some of my values ​​are conservative. Why do people always think in black and white, polarized, absolute? That's why this country is in poor condition. Nobody can admit common ground, but it must remain in their corners until they are ready to go out and fight. Yes, a conservative and a liberal should never sit down and have a cup of coffee at dinner and talk. they might actually discover that they have some things in common. that would be really bad for our new and polarized America. Everyone should watch movies like "Monster's Ball", etc. A Hindu went to Gandhi because he hated Muslims and did not know what to do about it. I wanted advice on how to deal with this hatred. Gandhi told him to raise his son as a Muslim. Do you hate immigrants? How many have you bothered to know? Hate Muslims, how many have you bothered to know? ETC. Do you hate the Jews? How many have you sat with, annoyed to know ??? Do you hate gays? I'm straight but I have a good friend who is gay. I've known him for more than 40 years. He has been one of the only people I could really talk to in this life and with whom I felt really worried enough to listen. So I'm not gay I guess that means I should discard my friend's value because of a tag? He does not force his sexuality on me or vice versa. We are friends. Good friends. People need to discover more about the other human beings with whom they live, among those who have nothing but negativity. See them as human beings, not as labels. Easy to hate when you never tried to find out who these people really are.