Liar merchant: fantomnetworks deletes the server for no reason,


I have strong evidence here, and the seller is fraudulent faker,

I bought the server after paying for its official website.

After I paid in the payment, he did not give me any reminder. When I log in again on your website, I will request fraudulent accounts and the merchant said that I paid for several accounts? In total, I paid 129 USD twice,

I do not know what it means to do this. Is it to lie to my two 129USD payments? And he did not give me a refund, the following is my screenshot, this black-hearted business is clearly fraudulent!

The important thing to say again: the lying merchant

In the scammers to buy servers should pay attention,

With all kinds of reasons and excuses to evade rhetoric.

The purchase of your server will take you to the blacklist and no refund will be granted.

Thank you

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