lens – fungus or powder?

yesterday I noticed this point https://imgur.com/a/iYv3Lnp https://i.imgur.com/gsRl2UK.jpg on my zuiko lens 12-40mm, plus other dust particles (I hope it's dust).

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It is visible after f8, there shot with f22.

I checked the lens last week and did not have the place, I noticed it when I took a blue background and saw a rather large place on the right side of the frame.

It does not have a snowflake or spider web pattern, it's just round and I can notice a small hole in the middle of the place.

Another detail, I did not have the place, last week, for example, it just came from nowhere, so I think it's just dust, but the size and color … I can only notice it on higher fstops

I hope someone can help me with an answer, is it a mushroom or just dust?

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