LEGIT – TwitchFollows Opinions: Scam or LEGIT? | NewProxyLists

@morgoodie @FreeIAm @SHOHANA @Nidoo @pikkuboss Twitch is a video streaming platform, maybe something like YouTube, and TwitchFollow is a site where users (those who want others to follow their Twitch broadcast) can pay for others Follow your transmissions and followers to win by following others.

For us to win, we just have to click to follow others. Without ads.

I just verified, I signed up in March 2017. So, it took me about 6 months to reach $ 5. It's quite a while, but I did not really spend much time a day. In general, I only visit the site every time I remember, click "Follow" when there is one available. That's. Maybe less than a minute a day.

Sometimes there are none that follow, but sometimes there are 2 – 5. The credits that can be earned by following others are also different, since users can set the amount of credits they wish to pay.