LEGIT – Spare5 Opinions: SCAM or LEGIT? | NewProxyLists

Spare5 is a microtask site that pays users to complete various tasks. It does not require any certified skills, but to begin performing tasks, you must first complete all the tutorials and qualifiers.
For each task that gets XP and money, XP serves to allow you to access more tasks.
Spare5 has its own internal site platform to perform those tasks, so do not worry about having the right programs on your PC. It is also available on smartphones for surveys and application tests.
The most common tasks that arise are the keywords to tag photos, categorize photos and mark photos for pavements and road markings, and then there is the revision task, where the work of other people is reviewed.
Then, if you do not do the task well, your reviewer will reject it and your earnings on that particular task will be withdrawn. If you fail enough times or if you have not completed any of these tasks in a while, you could have them take the qualifier again.

I used to pay a lot more before it was bought by Mighty AI, so now the tasks cost between 1 and 2 cents each. Personally I choose the fastest to fly through them.