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This site is legitimate! I use it too and I have tons of payments. I also use it to buy Christmas gifts every year, I keep my sts.

Register to start: https://www.rewards1.com/893718

TIPS: MAKE YOUR SURVEYS AROUND and API, these are the best ways to win.

Minimum to redeem: 500 pts = $ 5 USD

Be sure to check your email address when you register. Do not use a fake email since this is where your rewards and notifications go.

You can get gift cards, Amazon codes, tons of codes and more!

See attachment 28269

See attachment 28270

Register to start: https://www.rewards1.com/893718

To see testimonials of what members have received, take a look at the forums.

Here are some rewards that I got:

See attachment 28271

See attachment 28272

I have a lot of Amazon gift cards from here.

Live chat box right side of the site. If you need help, read your frequently asked questions at the top too.

If someone needs help, let me know.