LEGIT – Opinions of HiveMicro: scam or LEGIT? | Proxies123.com

Hi guys,

Has anyone here heard or used Hive Micro or won it on this site? I would love to know your ideas about this site.

Anyway, I just discovered this new GPT site. It is a place where we can win by classifying images. Well, there are different types of jobs such as cut-out logos, NSFW, Reality Tail Lights, Celebrity Identity, market gender classification, etc. Most of the tasks are the classification of images, but they also have bounding boxes, like the one with spare5. One task, for example, is cut out logos: in this task, we only need to identify if the cropped image matches the brand image or logo given below the text information (see attached image).
hive micro.JPG
All we have to do is select YES or NO, that simple. It will only take a second or 2 to complete each task. The issue is that the rates are quite low: they range between $ .30 and $ 2 per 1000 tasks. Therefore, I consider that this site is very slow, that's why I'm not really focusing on this site.

In fact, I signed up for this site at the beginning of last month and so far I have $ 13 in my account. I have not charged yet, since the minimum payment is $ 20. And depending on the site, they send payments every Tuesday, as long as their account balance is $ 20 or more. So, I guess it's an automatic payment to your PayPal account every Tuesday, once you've reached your threshold, which is $ 20.

Technically, I still can not say if the site is legitimate, since I have not really experienced charging this site. But I do read that there are people who have withdrawn from Hive Micro and who also have a leader board. But for me, the leaderboard does not really guarantee if they are a paid site unless I have tried it myself.

Therefore, if any of you here have used or have tried to take advantage of Hive Micro, share your experience. Thank you!!! ;)