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Another new reward application from the AOE Network Company. This is actually the Luckymoney application (you can search the other thread) but it has been updated. Luckymoney is an old version and was deleted in Play Store, so these are the new ones (Lucky Coins) that you can search in Play Store. I do not know why they did this, maybe because of so many mistakes that could not be handled or some other reason.

How to earn coins?
Play these games and complete the offers and double your coins by watching the video ads and if you have reached the minimum exchange 36,000 coins equivalent to 3 USD through Amazon or 70,000 coins equivalent to 5 USD through PayPal or 136,000 coins equivalent to 10 USD, max. It's 200 dollars. Keep in mind that this is WORLDWIDE, so you can choose the coins you want to withdraw. I prefer to choose USD. They do not pay instantly, they take 7 to 15 business days or they could be longer if they are removed on holidays (Chinese time) and the good news is that they are ALWAYS paying, unless you break the rules (infringing state).

Here what within the application:

1. Daily bonus
2. The offers.
3. turn the wheel
4. Magic balls
5. Be a Millionaire (these are my favorites to earn so many coins with extra life)
6. Treasure box
7. Crazy Shooting Ground
8. War of the tanks
9. Egg Breaker
10. Winner says (keep in mind that this is like betting, so you can lose your coins)
11. Flop Cards
12. Holiday Bingo
13. Invite friends (first invite 2 friends to win 60000 coins when they play game win 200 coins for 7 consecutive days

14. Be referred (you earn 300 coins using your friend's reference code for registration)
15. Fortune List (Collect coins as much as you can so you can win +3000 coins for the 3rd, win +5000 coins for the 2nd and win +6000 coins for the 1st)
16. Invitation to the billboard (invite your friends as much as you can so you can win 1000 coins for the 3rd, win +3000 coins for the 2nd and win +5000 coins for the 1st)

My advice for you:


To unlock the function of exchanging and obtaining the bonus, you must use the reference code of your friend, but if you do not have it, use mine here " VWDGGZ3 "and restart the application before you can redeem cash (just in case to prevent the application from suddenly crashing) .To receive a successful payment, do not ROOT phones, use VPN and other cheating methods! And do not clean your phone cache and please make sure your Paypal allows international transfers.

Download link: CLICK HERE, download it and use my code VWDGGZ3 to earn a bonus. Thank you!

Note: this has just been launched so there might not be ads for a while.