Leaving Hostwinds. Looking for alternative shared hosting provider affordable

Hello friends,

I will not go into more attacks against Hostwinds, but suffice it to say that I can not take advantage of the downtime and incompetence of its support staff (currently, all my websites show 503 errors and inaccessible, the inodes have doubled overnight when I did not take any action, and all I can get from them is that "the account has been limited").

My Cpanel currently shows 14 WordPress sites. Before the mysterious "flowering" of the inodes, I was using around 300,000.

I was on Siteground before moving to Hostwinds and I was very impressed by their support, but I decided to look for a more affordable provider on the next shared level.

Can anyone recommend someone? Here is my & # 39; specification & # 39;

– I would like to keep costs below $ 250 / year.

– If you can handle the migration so that I can import everything without suffering any additional downtime, that would be a great advantage.

– Affordable backup and site monitoring as add-ons would be useful advantages.

– And after this experience, I would put a competent support as non-negotiable.

TIA for any recommendation that can be made!