Kok Token Kickstart of Knowledge and Opportunity

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link to download the application: https://apps.kok-play.io/

invitation code: QLVSYFMQ

Registration instructions: https://gofile.io/?c=I42qTr

The minimum contribution is $ 300.

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Program description


Koktoken is a multi digital platform created by experienced TEAM from Korea.
It is an interesting idea to create a multiplatform digital entertainment platform, available as a mobile application. A crypto wallet is also part of it. The important thing here is that we are not dealing only with some plans and ideas as in most projects. The people and companies that support KokToken already have a rich chapter in their business.
The project is managed by the KOK Foundation. We win in mining.

Investment plans

Mining in the wallet

$ 300 – $ 1499 – 4-8% per month

$ 1500 – $ 9999 – 9-11% per month

$ 10,000 + 12-20% per month

Mining in the game Hotel King:
expected benefit: up to 150% per month

Reflux commission

1. 100% reference profit level

2 levels, 20%

Level 3-5 – 10%

6-10 level – 5%

Kok Token team

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