Key management: are there risks of having many uids in my gpg key?

I'm pretty new to the world of pgp / gpg, I got to it first through Keybase and then to the gpg client and now I think I'm in a place where I'm pretty happy with my key settings. I just started a new job and use my new email address to make git commit to our projects. To sign my git tags, of course, I must add my work email address to my key. However, I already have attached several email addresses, 2 variants of gmail (@ and @ and two different domains that I own.

My question is, is there a risk of having many uids in a gpg key, and is there a risk of adding a company-controlled e-mail address to my password or should I generate separate addresses to work with?

My risk profile feels pretty low, I'm a relatively middle and unknown software engineer. I do not work in a secure environment and the most I use my password is to sign git tags. I use a neo yubikey for my RSA keys for signature, encryption and day-to-day authentication, and I do not intend to save private keys on my work laptop, I intend to use only a yubikey (or smart card device) Similary) . I am open to generating keys only for my work, but since my work is not secret or something, I need a complete separation, since I thought that managing a set of keys would be easier.

As I said I'm pretty new at pgp and gpg, I enjoy learning and I feel like I have a good knowledge, but I'm looking to make sure I do not make any major mistakes or open up in a silly way when considering this.