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Keep in mind with HostGator As a 10-year HostGator customer, who spent more than 30k $$ on their services (shared hosting, vps, dedicated servers) I can say that they do not want a pro-rated refund.

They canceled my dedicated server that I paid for 12 months and now they do not want a prorated refund of $ 799.12

Every day they invent a new story:

"Your case is being processed"
"You need to wait 5-10 days, 2-4 weeks, 6 weeks …"
"We need to make a manual refund to your PayPal since the 180 days have already passed"
"PayPal manual refunds are processed once a month by the accounting department"

After the more than 40 emals with hostgator support, and with ten conversations with chat support, I came to the conclusion that they do not want me to refund the prorated refund.