Kathy Griffin takes the head off the POTUS and Hollywood supports her, but Kevin Hart says a bad word about a gay person, and that's too much?

Griffin was making a political joke and the snowflakes blew their heads. Kevin Hart made a joke without flavor and a completely different set of snowflakes melted. Comedy is often offensive and always has been, and people need to learn to laugh at what they find funny and tolerate what they do not.

W. Bush, for example, was making a joke when he said that the French did not have a word for the businessman. Although I think the man was a dreadful president, I laughed with him, not with him. People need to lighten up on both sides.

Here is a joke that has just occurred to me: is climate change real or are seas increasing because snowflakes are melting and they can not understand humor? That is sure to offend someone.