jquery – Search id with Razor and Ajax ASP.NET

the detail is that in my view I have the delete and search mode I look for it through an ajax but it does not do the action, because it is looking for the view that it does not have and that it is the same one where I have the delete mode and that only deletes and I look for it through ajax, someone that helps me to search through id and paint the data in the fields.

In the ajax if I change this name search by delete does not search delete by looking for a view that does not excite, url: '@ Url.Action ("Search", "Student")',
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@model model.entity.Alumno

@ {
    Layout = null;
    ViewBag.Title = "Delete";


@using (Html.BeginForm ("Delete", "Student", FormMethod.Post)) {
ID @ Html.TextBoxFor (model => model.idAlumno)
First name @ Html.TextBoxFor (model => model.name)
Surname @ Html.TextBoxFor (model => model.Lasturname1)
Telephone @ Html.TextBoxFor (model => model.Telefono1)
State @ Html.TextBoxFor (model => model.estado)
search for }