Join our affiliate program and start capitalizing your cryptocurrency traffic

We invite you to join our affiliate program: create a white-label bitcoin mixer using the platform, attract the target audience and start earning money. Creating a cryptocurrency mixer is not an easy task, however, provides you with all the necessary infrastructure. You can launch a new mixer website or integrate the mixer service to your existing traffic source: either a website, a blog or a telegram channel. No initial investments or operating assets, just registration in Jambler. It is required to start.

We guarantee our affiliates a reliable starting point to launch a very profitable business. According to various estimates, the volume of the mixer market is approximately 100,000 btc per month.

We value our affiliates' potential revenue per month as 2,000 BTC with a recommended commission of 2%.

A a successful business is easy to launch

Affiliates can set any commission rate for the mixer and start earning money with the first transaction.

High level of anonymity

More and more often we observe a great demand for anonymity when it comes to cryptocurrency transactions. knows how to do it: we buy clean money from the cryptocurrency stock exchanges and the end users get this money through the affiliate network. We do not store records and we do not collect personal data.


The platform buys the cryptocurrency of the miners and the stock exchanges of the cryptocurrency. All money passes a scoring procedure (a proprietary algorithm that identifies a transaction affiliation with a stock exchange).

Technical support

Jambler's technical support team is always ready to help anyone interested in collaborating with all questions and concerns. Please contact us at