javascript – Problem with href = "#"

It has already happened to me several times that when using a href = "#" (other href redirects work perfectly for me). Right now I have copied and modified an internet code. I have simplified it to the maximum and it does not work for me.

songlist.onclick = function (e) {
e.preventDefault ();
var elm =;
var audio = document.getElementById ('audio');
var source = document.getElementById ('player');
source.src = elm.getAttribute ('data-value');
audio.load (); ();




By running it here, it works perfectly. But locally, in my browser, it does nothing. I guess it's a configuration problem, but I do not know which one.
I have used chrome, firefox and edge and the result is the same. I have tried installing xampp as local server apache and nothing.
In chrome, which is what I use the most, javascript is activated.

I do not know what's wrong, help?
Thank you.