javascript – Paging without paging URL – is it bad for SEO?

I have read some articles about page traps, but none really describes my situation. I have a product page rendered with ReactJS with approximately 300 products and pagination (I am also using the server side representation for SEO reasons).

Only 20 products are represented, and the pagination only represents the following 20 products. However, the URL does not change when paging. I wonder if this is generally bad for SEO?

I will add all the individual product pages to sitemap.xml, so that they are indexed, but I suppose that unless googlebot can discover that my pagination buttons are destined for paging, I would only see the first 20 products. Is this bad to maximize the link juice? I'm not sure since, in general, pagination pages are not indexed anyway.

Use it link rel = prev Y link rel = next Does the paging buttons make sense in my situation?