javascript: is it possible to redirect third parties to the Meteor mobile application?

I am trying to implement Stripe payment in my application. It works fine in a web browser, but I have some problems with the Android application.

Here is the workflow:

  • I redirect the user to the Stripe payment page (not hosted on my server). I pass a redirect URL to Stripe.
  • Once the payment is completed or canceled, Stripe redirects to my site with the URL I gave them.

There is no problem in the web browser, but in the mobile application redirection did not work. For the redirection to Stripe to work, I had to add this line to my mobile-config.js file:

App.accessRule('*', { type: 'navigation' });

OK, then the redirection to stripe started working, but then the redirection to my site didn't work, so I added this line to allow redirection to my site:

App.accessRule('*', { type: 'navigation' });

It goes to my site, but it seems that it is opening the URL in an embedded browser separate from the application. It acts as if the user started a new session in a web browser (the user is disconnected and Meteor.isCordova() It's false).

Is there any way to make the redirection return to the application instead of continuing navigation in the application's browser?