javascript – Gutenberg Modify element of the main taxonomy panel via wp.hooks.addFilter

I have researched the modification of an existing editor element … and there is little out there. But I got a good answer in Github that told me this:

And apparently the taxonomy panel is filterable through wp.hooks.addFilter. It's a great start! I was able to use that piece of code to simulate a fictitious code that replaces the taxonomy panel with a Dashicon.

(function (hooks, editor, components, i18n, element, compose) {

var el = wp.element.createElement;
var Dashicon = wp.components.Dashicon;

CustomizeTaxonomySelector (OriginalComponent) {function

return function (props) {

if (RB4Tl18n.radio_taxonomies.indexOf (props.slug)) {

var testprops = {className: & # 39; bacon-class & # 39 ;, icon: & # 39; admin-users & # 39;};

return the
test tests

} else {
return the
Original component,

wp.hooks.addFilter (
& # 39; editor.PostTaxonomyType & # 39 ;,
& # 39; RB4T & # 39 ;,

}) (window.wp.hooks, window.wp.editor, window.wp.components, window.wp.i18n, window.wp.element, window.wp.compose)

Obviously, this is not very useful, but I had to start somewhere. So my question is, is it possible to take the entree OriginalComponent Does it work and modify its output? I know how to do it with a PHP filter, but in this case OriginalComponent is the Hierarchical term selector React the function and I do not know how to modify what it represents and I think I lack the vocabulary to search successfully.

In my use case, all the data would be practically the same (I need all the terms listed), except that I want to change the to . Or do I have to copy and write my own version of the Hierarchical term selector element?