javascript: disable the completion of the VSCode code for things like AudioProcessingEvent

VSCode seems to offer many suggestions when coding in javascript. For example, here I want to write "affirm", but instead I will get all this:

enter the description of the image here

In this case, I do not have say Defined anywhere in the file so it is not suggested.

But these kinds of suggestions come up too often. And they are all things I've never heard of! The first search for "MSFIDOCredentialAssertion" in google does not even point to credible documentation (such as MDN). And another one below in the list "AudioProcessingEvent" seems obsolete.

I'm not sure, but they seem to be methods in window object. But most of them I have not even heard of them, nor have I used them.

Is there any way to disable them?

I do not want to disable everyone Complete the code completely, just some of these suggestions mentioned above. If that means I have to disable all window suggestions of objects, that's fine too, but I'd still like to keep intelligence for other things.