java – Questions with JSF

Well, I have been doing Java WEB recently and I am with some doubts in JavaServ Faces, and I would like to understand, to manage well, etc. So if someone can take my doubts, be grateful.

: I am using JSF with the MVC standard

one) Are there 2 types of sessions, the session that DAO uses to access the database and the browser, the browser session saves all the classes that are in the system?

Example: In the case of a system that has two classes, being both client and account … ai has the Getters and Setters and also created the Client Controller and ControllerConta, since the View communicates with the Controller, and the Controller with the Model (back-end).
Ai, I entered the site and will automatically have these 2 objects as variable of the session? But, null? In the event that the user of the session will receive the information of my account that I initiated directly from the controller?

two) The protection of pages, I know a bit of PHP, I understood and managed to manipulate well, and there exists the command header (Location index.html); that is redirected to another page, and is quite used with the isset (var) command, for example, the type is not connected, so you can not access this page, then if you try to access the protected page it will be redirected to index.html. … since the JSF does not work with JAVA codes in the source code like PHP, it must have some command to manipulate in the MODEL, I wanted to know if anyone knows this command.