java – IntelliJ equivalent to the Eclipse execution configuration with Maven

Hello, I am trying to create an application and the instructions for the local environment configured and built are for Eclipse, I am using IntelliJ.

He says:

go to & # 39; Run & # 39; -> & # 39; Run configurations & # 39; -> & # 39; Maven Build & # 39; -> & # 39; New & # 39; Y
get in

Name: XXXXXXXX – generate sources [Or Any name for the profile]

Base directory: navigate to the project XXXXXXXX

Objectives: clean installation

Profiles: generate integration classes!

Parameters: maven.test.skip = true

Maven Runtime: external apache-maven – Select Maven installation
folder of your local system

JRE = jdk1.8.0_152 [Or any other latest java version you have

I have opened the window "Run configuration templates for new projects", but there seems to be almost the number of options to complete as in Eclipse. Am I missing something?