java – How to make a directory search?

Recently, I have to do a lot of directories where the information I need is scattered. I was thinking about making a program that can search in various directories for a specific folder.

Example: I need the "ABC" folder that is somewhere between my three hard drives.

  • The program would search through all the directories on those hard drives to find the "ABC" folder and print the full path where it is.

There may be cases where there are actually several instances of the "ABC" folder on different hard drives. In cases like these, the program should print all the routes where there is a folder called "ABC".

I do not have a clear way to do this in my mind, or what programming language I should use to achieve it.

If you have ever done something similar or have an idea of ​​which language would be the best to achieve something like this, I am open to suggestions and ideas.

Thank you !!