jailbreak – iOS 8 restarts every 5 minutes with a black screen after iFile attempts to archive 4GB of files

Yesterday I wanted to copy the images I have on my iPad Air 2 with iOS 8.1 on my PC and I could not think of anything better than archiving ~ 2000 images with a total size of ~ 4 GB with iFile. After 1 hour of the "Compressing …" screen I forced the closed iFile. The reopening worked well and no file was created, it's not surprising. I was curious to know if the space occupied by the file was clear, but I did not check the initial free space while at present it showed 17 GB. So I used a pinch that I was always using well to restart my iPad. And now it is stuck in an infinite process:

  1. Boots of the device.
  2. The Apple logo is replaced by a black screen that glows slightly.
  3. During the system uptime, the device can respring several times (I guess it's a respring. It shows the Apple logo for about 10 seconds, but it does not reset the SSH connection).
  4. After some time (average of 5 minutes, the maximum recorded is 9 minutes) the system is blocked and we return to point 1.

Here are some observations:

  1. After reopening iFile after forcing the shutdown, the disk space of the user's partition had 17 GB free, the disk space of the system partition had ~ 1 GB of free space.
  2. I can still SSH on the device during system uptime, access any folder, copy files, execute commands.
  3. System failure creates 3 files in / private / var / logs / CrashReporter /:

    • ./ResetCounter-{date}.ips. Your content:

      {"name": "Reset count", "bug_type": "115", "os_version": "iPhone OS 8.1 (12B410)"}
      Incident identifier: 9DC5E667-8EEF-430E-ADEA-DA1B7E1ADB16
      Locks report key: 44f27e88093f49a552a62bf30a13a62f532b1a51
      Date: 2018-11-22 17:30:00 +0300
      Restart count: 1
      Boot failure count: 0
      Startup failures:
      Start stage: 0
      Startup application: 2681261667
    • ./com.apple.networking.discoveryd.log. {date}. Your content:

      November 22 17: 30: 00.627089 user discoveryd_helper[246]: Basic Remote Control com.apple.discoveryd_helper starting the XPC server
      November 22 17: 30: 00.628076 user discoveryd_helper[246]: RemoteControl com.apple.discoveryd_helper XPC connection detailed 0x14d704ec0: start (pid = 98,  no root
    • ./Panics/{weird-numbers-with-date}.panic.ips. Now this is the shock dump, I suppose. While the content is ~ 330KB, here is the important part (I suppose):

      {"bug_type": "110", "os_version": "iOS 8.1 (12B410)"}
      Incident identifier: C758BD32-5122-4432-AB33-972A0FB1C1D2
      Locks report key: 44f27e88093f49a552a62bf30a13a62f532b1a51
      Hardware model: iPad5,3
      Date / Time: 2018-11-22 17: 30: 00.315 +0300
      OS version: iOS 8.1 (12B410)
      Debugger message: WDT timeout
      13s ago 3028b50 3028f9fd0ce63 3028r1fc8000 3000m0 / 1 3000nffffffff 2800m10004003 / 1 2800l1 2800u0 2600m10004003 / 1 2600l1 2600u0 2400m10004003 / 1 2400l1 2400u0 2200m10004003 / 1 2200l1 2200u0 2000m10004003 / 1 2000l1 2000u0 1800m10004003 / 1 1800c55 1800l1 1800u0 1800bff 1797d55 1600m10004003 / 1 1600l1 1600u0 1400m10004003 / 1 1400l1 1400u0 1200m10004003 / 1 1200l1 1200u0 1000m10004003 / 1 1000l1 1000u0 800m10004003 / 1 800l1 800u0 600m10004003 / 1 600c294 600g2 600l1 600u0 598d294 400m10004003 / 1 400g2 400l1 400u0 200m10004003 / 1 200g2 200l1 200u0 0m10004003 / 1 0G2 0l1 0u0
      Operating system version: 12B410
      Kernel version: Darwin Kernel version 14.0.0: Tuesday, October 7, 00:05:23 PDT 2014; root: xnu-2783.3.13 ~ 4 / RELEASE_ARM64_T7001
      IBoot version: iBoot-2261.3.32
      Safe start ?: NO
      Paniclog version: 3
      Core slide: 0x0000000007800000
      Core text base: 0xffffff8009802000
      Period: sec usec
      Start: 0x5bf6bbf9 0x00000000
      Dream: 0x00000000 0x00000000
      Stele: 0x00000000 0x00000000
      Calendar: 0x5bf6bd3d 0x000d0326
      Total cpu_usage: 19269891
      Thread job pri cpu_usage
      0xffffff808df31420 kernel_task 81 197773
      0xffffff808d489000 syslogd 4 237
      0xffffff808e3034e0 sshd 4 608067
      0xffffff808c848800 kernel_task 0 3750235
      0xffffff808c833560 kernel_task 0 4503697
      Panic task 0xffffff808c81fb20: 31906 pages, 164 threads: pid 0: kernel_task
      Panic thread: 0xffffff808df31420, backspace: 0xffffff8009ca7a20
      lr: 0xffffff80098db44c fp: 0xffffff8009ca7a80
      lr: 0xffffff8009e74ca8 fp: 0xffffff8009ca7f60
      lr: 0xffffff800a8c520c fp: 0xffffff8009ca7fd0
      lr: 0xffffff8009bede2c fp: 0xffffff8009ca7fe0
      lr: 0xffffff80098d126c fp: 0xffffff8009ca7ff0
      lr: 0xffffff80098cee64 fp: 0xffffff800514bad0
      lr: 0xffffff8009ed63f4 fp: 0xffffff800514bb20
      lr: 0xffffff8009ed180c fp: 0xffffff800514bb50
      lr: 0xffffff8009bd2aac fp: 0xffffff800514bbb0
      lr: 0xffffff8009ed186c fp: 0xffffff800514bc00
      lr: 0xffffff80099530c8 fp: 0xffffff800514bca0
      lr: 0xffffff80098d83a0 fp: 0x0000000000000000

Additional details:

  1. I'm not using iTunes, iCloud.
  2. Entering safe mode does not solve the problem. In fact, I do not even know if I'm in Safe Mode due to the black screen.

I guess that iFile has messed up some files or their permissions, but the system works fine for at least 5 minutes. Why is the screen black? How can i fix this?

Edit: here is complete crashlog.

Editg 2: As I mentioned earlier, I can execute commands through SSH. This is what I see when I execute. respring I send. The following output appears after the respring is performed:

rm: can not delete `/ tmp / RestoreFromBackupLock & # 39 ;: permission denied
rm: can not delete `/ tmp / SpringBoard_reboot_flag & # 39 ;: permission denied
rm: Can not delete `/ tmp / gg_address': permission denied