itunes – Home sharing with an ethernet-connected PC

When my PC and my iPhone are connected to the same Wi-Fi network, I can access my shared library with the Remote app. It works as advertised.

But if I connect my PC through an ethernet cable, the library does not appear in Remote.

My configuration:

  • A Netgear switch is connected to my ISP box.
  • A Wi-Fi mesh (Netgear Orbi) is connected to that switch.
  • My PC is connected to that switch.
  • My iPhone is connected to the Wi-Fi mesh.

What I noticed:
If I connect my PC to the Wi-Fi, then open Remote and start playing a song from the shared library, and finally re-plug the ethernet cable into my PC, Remote continues to see my shared library (even if I kill the app and immediately relaunch it).
From this point, it seems to work for a while but at some point, Remote does not see the shared library anymore.

I know the doc says both devices should be on the same Wi-Fi network but since I somehow made it work through ethernet, I’m wondering if it could also work without having to unplug my PC first.