Is web design dying?

I do not think the web design is dying, but it is CURRENT again DESIGN.

For too long, artists who know nothing about semantic marking, the logical structure of the document, the underlying professional writing standards on which HTML was based, let alone ACTUAL accessibility standards as the peculiarities of color space emissive have dominated the web by weakening the PSD in total ignorance and DELUDING were put to think it was design.

… but when I say automotive design, electrical design or architectural design, that means that the "design" has to comply with the specifications, guidelines and requirements. That is the difference between design and art. Without that knowledge of accessibility standards. (as the WCAG), underlying specifications (HTML, CSS, why they are SEPARATED), elegant degradation (for people who can not even see or have access to their visual design)and the semantic mark underlying the structure of the document, the lions shared by the low-quality fraudsters and the ignorant groups that exclude PSDs are not designers, no matter how much they may have the gall to call themselves that.

… and it has really been an easy scam to execute, since most "sophisticated investors will give money for vague promises" the guys will always go crazy, even if there is no substance underneath. This is how the various templates mockers, such as Themeforest and Templatemonster, have been scamming people with inaccessible and completely slow TRASH loading for more than a decade. Look at EVERYTHING in those places and NONE of them does not even approach the healthy and rational margins with degrading grace, supposing they are encoded, and visually all the access from the orbit declares the sizes of the sources in pixels, using a fixed width and up to fixed height containers. With contrasts of illegible colors and ridiculous webpages equally illegible.

With laws such as the UK Equality Act of 2010 resulting in fines for certain types of sites, and many jurisdictions that allow judgments against types of essential sites (banks, doctors, government) for failing to meet accessibility minimums, there are a growing reaction from site owners against ALLEGED "designers" who lack the underlying elements of UI, UX, and accessibility.

Many of the things that I could ONLY do with the images are now becoming more and more in the code as well. CSS3 makes simple but effective effects easier, and design aesthetics have followed suit. From the "material design" of Google to the trend of the last two years towards "Flat 2.0" undoing the "false simplification" of overly flattened interfaces, it is increasingly about the user experience (UX) and accessibility , not "who can attack" The most artistic image in Photoshop?

So it's not that the web design is "dying", is that the molllycoddles dressed in the shape of a camel take advantage of the ignorance of those who know nothing, they deceive themselves thinking that art, and art alone, is " the design "is slow, but sure, getting their donkeys delivered to them by an industry sick with their nonsense. In any case, the web design is becoming CURRENT DESIGN, instead of just "ooh nice" nonsense artsy-fartsy!

… and current DESIGN means that it begins with the content or with a reasonable facsimile of the future content written in a plain text editor as if the HTML did not exist, mark it semantically to indicate what things are and create the document structure accessible from the point of view. logical view, then double that markup for your testament with CSS and semantically neutral containers (DIV and SPAN) to create your designS – Yes, PLURAL. (for screen, for screens of different sizes, for printing …) so that users who do not use braille CSS or screen readers (software that reads it out loud) have a useful page. So the search has some clue as to what your content is, since the search engines do not have eyeballs! Then, once you have the WORK page COMPLETELY, you can improve it with your JavaScript If it is desired.

THAT'S DESIGN! Spinning around doing pretty pictures in Photoshop is not, It does not matter how many deaf artists who know about shit say otherwise!

… and why I feel sorry for the poor who do not know enough to realize that when an artist gives them a PSD and calls it a design, what really happens is that they have been deceived, cheated and, others, strayed. In fact, if you think that a PSD is a web design, you've been so full of sand that you should change your name to Sahara.