Is this the encryption trade exchange you wanted?

Trading in Cryptocurrency has become very beneficial, and has occupied an important place in the lives of people, especially during the Millennium. Then, with an increase in demand and popularity, why not have the best cutting-edge trading platform to operate?

We present you with such an extraordinary creation called XERA!

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XERA is built as an exchange seen NEVER BEFORE. It comes from a team that not only has experience in terms of work, but also is skilled and skilled enough to provide something that will become a role model for future exchanges. So, what exactly is it that makes XERA so different and that NEVER BEFORE?

XERA is a UNIQUE cryptocurrency trading exchange and fully integrated with its OWN OBJECT! While most of the available Crypto exchanges are similar and are almost built taking into account the previous BEST, here XERA is a FRESH and UNIQUE concept, which is not the NEXT version of some other Exchange in the market, it is THE Original Version of himself. !

XERA Exchange is not an overnight development, it is something that is done after much research and planning, and with that, many important projects are ALREADY finalized for the listing, along with the launch of Exchange. And that includes DGB, IOTA, NEM, POWER, OMG, DASH, TRON, LISK, and many more!

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The XERA exchange platform is based on the concept not only to be different, but to be POWERFUL, SAFER, SAFER and MORE SIMPLE to use. With features that are truly revolutionary, it includes the highest level of security system available, with the fastest engines to allow low dinner latency and that can be verified with the "ALPHA TESTING" section. With a 10% share of the profits generated by the marketing commissions dedicated and placed in the reserve liquidity fund, to ensure that the liquidity remains HEALTHY in any market situation. In addition, one can place several orders, since XERA supports a large number of order types, including OCO (one cancels another), Limit, Market, Stop, Stop limit, End stop, Fill or Kill and Scaling. You can also perform automatic operations through the XERA platform and much more!

Does XERA only offer all these features? And what else does XERA have exactly? It is the question that most people ask when there are exchanges with those they meet, since most people tend to make the passage of time, since they are unlikely to move from their current exchange, but that is because that most of the exchanges that take place is quite delicate. They are already using. With XERA, it is a piece that is ORIGINAL and confirm that it is the comparison below, which shows where XERA is compared to others in the field.

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XERA is not just about that, with XERA there is a lot to gain and that is due to its own tokenization. The XERA token is developed in the ERC20 standard and will follow the Ethereum platform. With XERA Token, it will be used for merchants to reduce their trading fees and, through the monetary policy of chip repurchases, it will continue to generate additional value for its cryptocurrency portfolio.

The token will be the native currency of XERA and will be priced at $ 0.50 per token. But that's not just that, as with XERA, there are 90 seconds in the system of incorporation, more than a billion people can be verified instantly, detection of vitality, which guarantees that all registrations are HUMAN and much more, which Makes it a truly irresistible creation.

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So, come and be part of this exciting, exciting and, most importantly, innovative opportunity with SALE STAGE 1 active from November 5, extending to 15 with 20% bonus, so be part of this experience memorable.

And he is already receiving appreciation from all corners of the world! With some of the biggest chip players / classifiers such as ICOBench, ICOExpert, ICOHolder, ICOMarks and many others who rank it among the BEST! What makes it an opportunity like NEVER BEFORE!

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