Is there a USB-C card reader XQD?

The successor of XQD, CFexpress (also known as CFX) is compatible with previous versions of XQD. The first iterations will use the form factor XQD and the connector. However, CFX is designed to use the PCIe 3 / NMVe host interface. As such, CFX readers will likely rely on Thunderbolt 3 (or comparably fast interfaces in the future).

The ports of your MacBook Pro are USB 3.1 dual mode and Thunderbolt 3, through a USB-C connector. Therefore, for high speed and high capacity media connections, you should probably be looking at the Thunderbolt 3 interfaces.

A CFX reader of this type that is based on Thunderbolt 3 is the Atechflash Blackjet TX-1CXQ. (Rather, will be use Thunderbolt 3, when it is available in the market. The manufacturer had previously announced that the VX-1CXQ was available in the 3rd quarter of 2018, but the product page is no longer available.)

Blackjet's UX-1 Cinema Dock supports XQD 2.0 and also connects via a Thunderbolt 3 USB-C connection. However, at $ 425, it seems a bit expensive.

Prograde Digital has demonstrated a 1 TB CXExpress card with a prototype CFExpress / XQD reader that also connects through Thunderbolt 3. However, its anticipated release date of September 2018 for the card and the reader has already passed.