Is there a problem with the valid passport less than 6 months?

I have a valid Indian passport until August 25, 2019. I am traveling from Atlanta (USA) to Bangalore (India) through Paris with a connection time of 3 hrs.
The return is on July 23, 2019 from Bengaluru to Atlanta through Amsterdam with 3 hours of connection time.

Upon my return I will renew my passport.

My question: will there be any problems on the boarding flight at ATL?

When I checked timatic: adding connection flights, it says it's fine for ATL-CDG-BLR but for BLR-AMS-ATL, it says, "The expiration date of the passport must be on October 23, 2019 or later (3 months after leaving the Netherlands) & # 39;

I'm renewing my passport when I return. But will the airlines deny boarding due to the ineligibility of the return?