Is there a place in GSA-SER to see ALL the new objectives acquired for open projects in Search Only mode?

I know I asked HOW to find potential new places to place a link in a previous thread, and found that it is the list of OBJECTIVES in each project.

But is there a page where I can get a count of how many new objectives each project has found so far?

If not, this addition would let you know how successful my Search Only Only searches have been. Either on a page or simply in a number (3534) next to each project in the project panel or wherever.

Of course, those goals are only POTENTIALAnd maybe that's why nobody cares to see those statistics (nonsense?)? ?

Or, is it b / c nobody actually uses BE to scrape in the & # 39; search mode & # 39; for some reason? (Is it b / c if it scales? You probably want to use Scapebox for this, integrated with SER for the publication, INSTEAD of the search mode of being alone?)

Very curious to know what you think about this.