Is there a big difference between Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders?

If you look at what they promise and how they plan to "pay it", their platforms are quite similar … and that was largely by design.

From the beginning, it was quite clear that the entrenched Old Guard group in DC named Warren and Harris as their hand-chosen candidates … but as has been their custom in recent years, they completely overestimated their own intelligence and greatly underestimated the level of voter sentiment against them …

Warren was supposed to be "Eligible Bernie" … someone who made all the promises right while sounding less "nuts" and appealing to established voters in the Northeast … Harris was supposed to attract voters from the West and the youth vote in general .

However, their calculation errors have now put them in trouble. Harris left a long time ago, Biden … once called "the favorite to beat Trump" … he may have left for this week next week … the notion of a Warren VP position may be a proposal to lose / lose for both Bernie and the old guard …..

First, Bernie is astute enough to know that he needs a balanced ticket to overcome the "crazy old socialist" label … Warren is only 8 years younger than Bernie and may seem "too much of the same."

The Old Guard, on the other hand, probably sees a Bernie nomination and a defeat to Trump in November as an emerging scenario of "best case" … allowing them to do what they do best: fan the flames of anger and division until it can be manipulated in your favor.