Is the universe cooling? | Yahoo Answers

The Universe has cooled since it started with the Big Bang.
The recorded temperature of the cosmic background radiation is – 270 ° C
0 Kelvin
3 degrees above what Kelvin discovered was the absolute zero temperature when he was in the laboratory, he managed to produce frozen hydrogen
The least dense of all the elements.
All the known elements have been found even in the confines of the universe and are the fuel for the stars.
It seems that there is no limit in terms of extremely high temperatures
Our sun has a surface temperature of 6,000ºC.
Eta Carinae, 7, 500 light years is a blue hypergiant, 100 times the mass of our Sun
180 times the radius and has a temperature of 40, 000 K
The photons that try to escape from our Sun are subject to Millions of C within the Nucleus

Comparison of blue hypergiant