Is the so-called airline "spamming" for legal response?

Imagine that your flights took off was delayed almost four hours and the landing time was delayed more than three and a half hours.
As it is a short flight from an EU airport by a European airline, you are eligible to receive compensation according to the EU Compensation Regulation Flight 261/2004.

However, there is no law that stipulates how long the airline can take to make their inquiries and how long they must provide compensation.

The flight was almost six months ago, and the airline is still hindering all inquiries ("The matter has been sent to claims, nothing else can be done").

Imagine that you have programming skills and are able to write a script to automatically ask them by email, at predetermined intervals, how things are going.

Would it be legal to use this script? If so, at what intervals would you use it? Weekly? Everyday? Hourly?

(Would it be nice? No. Would that airline be content to ignore you forever, hoping you just give up?) Yes.