Is the registration of an online payment processor really linked only to the website with which you register?

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When you try to subscribe to online payment processors like CCBill, Stripe, Epoch, Verotel and Paysa, they want to know the URL of the website where you want to accept payments. But, what happens if you have several websites and web stores with which you want to use your account?
Is such a registry really linked only to the website with which you register? Or can you register with a more general ecom store or website but then use your account also for other websites (ecom or for adults) that you have?

In summary: no, it is not allowed to do that, especially if they are different businesses. It violates both the TOS of the processors and the TOS of the purchasers and the regulations of the card scheme.

When you register with a payment processor like the ones mentioned, in turn, these accounts for merchants with an acquirer. Your account is assigned an MCC (merchant category code). You can find MCC lists online (I still can not post links).

The merchant account belongs to the company (the legal entity) that requested it. Technically, if "Theforamyst Limited" runs several websites that sell the same products or closely related products, the card system regulations allow you to use the same merchant account on several websites, although it is strongly recommended that the billing descriptor ( what appears on the buyer's card statement) is generated dynamically so that the correct URL appears on the card statement.

However, if "Theforamyst Limited" sells watches on one website and adult entertainment in another, different MCCs apply and you can not use the first merchant account for the second website (or vice versa).

By making this a bit more complex, many processors (gateways) do not adapt very well to multi-brand companies and, although technically allowed according to the rules of the card scheme, they will not allow you to use the same merchant account for several websites (again, assuming that all websites fall under the same MCC). If you have a large or rapidly growing business, it is often worth investing time and effort to have a direct relationship with the acquirers.