Is the GSA search engine suitable for the French market?

"Is GSA Search Engine Ranker suitable for the French market?"

Hey Sdfw Sdf! :)

Nobody is going to clarify with pure FACT about BEING that Sven: Not only is he the author of the program, but he is honest and does his research. And, your support for your software is surpassed by NONE. Nooooooo exaggeration.

Then, Sadefiw:

I'm not going to provide you with better information than Sven, it just is not possible.

But GSA Search Engine Ranker can be used all over the world with ANY language, for MANY, MANY purposes. This I already know. It is beyond versatility.

Even just talking about this inspires me to re-examine my projects and really do a more specific and detailed work on them. Projects can always be refined, with experience. The work with GSA is in a continuous process of easy configuration and forgetting to be really specific for specific results.

More time and effort for the latter, yes, but it's worth it. :):P;)