Is the death penalty a deterrent? Ted Bundy and others of his knew they could face death and still did what they did.

How many crazy answers do we have about "when they are dead, that discourages them from killing again". Sheesh …

Anyway, to get to the point, if ANY punishment was an impediment, why are the prisons so full? If everyone thought "I will be punished if I do this not to do it", there would be no work for the criminal courts, right?

Look, the average delinquent is not thinking clearly at that moment, he's planning not to be caught, it's just his lifestyle of the people he's with or has a mental illness. You may be surprised at how many inmates HAVE a mental condition, it is A LOT. So, where does deterrence come in? He does not

So forget it. Concentrate on the punishment and a life sentence is mentally more unpleasant. When you are executed, all your problems end, so why give them the easy way out?

And learn what it really means "of that type". It does not mean "people of the same type".