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Has anyone else made the switch from WP to CP yet?

Here is the state of things as I see it. Five years ago, WordPress had a market share of approximately 21%, and 6 years ago it was 17%. It is, something worrying, currently 33%. As a WP user, I was very worried about Gutenberg. Not because I'm a bad editor or something, I've never tried it, but because of what it represents. It has the power to change the way that 33% of website developers produce websites. I can summarize it in an image.

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While at the beginning it may seem that javascript between sites is a different problem, the key questions are: How much of that? crapware Is it necessary for the user experience? How much is due to the confidence in the "development frameworks"? And why is the F the rest?

For me, any confidence in a frame is a bad thing. Be it with brightcove, jquery or bootstrap. Sure, developers should have the option to use pre-existing frameworks if they want to, I'm not that extreme that I think they should not be used absolutely, but I am totally against the CMS platform that imposes a framework for developers or webmasters, and that is what Gutenberg represents. It represents a "framework of block work" that is being integrated into WP, whether you want it or not, and by the time people realize what has happened, your websites will already depend on whether the sites depend on the framework and move away from WP in the future as expensive as migrating from Wix or Squarespace. In short, what I hope is that I will be allowed to choose what kind of frameworks I will use in my web site (s), and not be forced to do so. content Management system that I use. If you currently think that "well, I will continue using WordPress with the ClassicEditor or Disable Gutenberg add-ons" is in the words of Jeff Chandler "running on borrowed time".

With web servers now so focused on "Wordpress hosting", it is inevitable that WP's already massive market share will continue to expand. Personally, I think that ClassicPress will have a small market share in the foreseeable future (it is already winning some developers), but that is not a bad thing nor does it mean that it is not going to be a stable CMS with a long future ahead. It is not the first successful CMS developed directly in response to the changes made by WordPress. Ghost has been around for 6 years with its rather small user base (but note that it uses Node.js, which is not available for most cpanel servers at this time). I do not think it has much effect on the hosts continuing to focus their products on WordPress or on the continuous expansion of the WP market.

Anyway, has anyone else moved to CP yet, do you plan to move (or do you have another strategy to deal with Gutenberg)? Also, what do the hosts think about the WordPress approach within the hosting?