Is Skynethosting support chat always available?

@SkyNetHosting – You speak a good game, but your services do not live up to your expectations.

No ticket, NOT ONE, has been answered in less than an hour. Most entries go a few hours and some go more.
I marked a ticket as CRITICAL the other because I was not receiving any email AFTER the Phoenix cut was solved. First answer? 3 hours 20 minutes later. THREE HOURS !! For a ticket marked CRITICAL.

My list is one mile long and I only ordered your service last Friday. We have already finished I decided from yesterday that I will finish and I will execute it as soon as I confirm that all my services migrated back to Hostgator.


Does WTF have to be saying that I'd rather stay there with you? Hostgator support may stink, but it's rare that you needed them. At least the servers work. I tried more with their support in 4 days than with HG in 10 years.

You play a great game here on the forums, but their service is a completely different experience.