is paid directory is good for SEO ??

There are many people who believe that "paid directories are not good" There are some questions for them:

1) How does the owner of the free directory take traffic to your directory (FREE) to share it with advertisers (free)?
2) How do you pay for a free directory for your accommodation?
3) Do you think the owner keeps his list to check if he has dead links or not?
4) There are many main directories (I do not want to name them here), is it easy to be included in those free directories?
5) Do the corrupt editors of the major free directories approve the sites?

Please, do not take personality, but some of the major companies (you know) said that the paid directories are not good, which means that "those directories are not good for those who only buy the dead domain with PR 6 or 7 and start The directory for the links of sale Also, many directories sold links of the level of superior level, even those categories do not fit to the website of the advertiser.

You can search for "200 factors from Google" or "new factors from Google for 2015". Getting a valuable link is those factors. How would you get a valuable link for free unless the owner of the site is a relative of the advertiser? Who like to work free for advertisers?