Is it wrong that I am losing my faith in humanity?

It is not helping you to work in a service environment. As you said, your colleagues and yourself are trained to be tolerant, stay calm and control yourself with self-control. In itself, being trained that way is very valuable in life. However, it can be very frustrating when it comes to injustice and injustice. It seems to be more frequent nowadays and is right to say that bad education and frustration can get out of control. But do not lose faith in humanity because there are many good and decent people in this world who feel exactly like you. The best thing to do is find a quiet environment outside of your work. I do not know if you have your own family? That's where you can create a respectful and friendly environment. By setting the example and talking to his wife and children about it. Maybe you live with parents and siblings, you can try to do the same. Also find other people with that mentality in your free time. There are groups of people who come together to work as volunteers, help others in need, nature groups, birdwatching, caring for parks and parks, cyclists and other social groups. I do not know if you believe in a God, but meeting people who care for and show respect can be very rewarding. It is true that there are many people in this world who are rude. It can be your education, selfishness or just a bad day. Trying to create and find your own inner peace is very important. Think about how you can improve your peaceful environment outside of your work. Start the day with a refreshing shower and quiet music and a healthy breakfast. Get away from the emotions and rudeness of customers by not thinking about it. And when you return home, go for a walk and enjoy the nature that surrounds you. Meditate on the beauty that surrounds you and the people you love and care about. Changing the way you let your mind stop at things will change your own emotions and feelings, and you will see and appreciate the good things that surround you.